November 11, 2011

Imagine Internet Without Google Search Engine

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Google has been dominating the Internet searches for many years. Most computer users particularly those who always access the Internet visit Google and make their searches using this search engine. Have you imagined yourself and the Internet without Google?

Honestly, I have been using Google search engine every time I surf on the Internet. This is because I believe that Google provides the most accurate results for my search queries. Without Google, I can imagine myself searching for queries almost endlessly hopping on many links. I can also imagine the Internet without any accuracy in every search terms. I believe that Google brought life to the Internet and will still bring life.

Not only Google provided the Internet an accuracy for every queries of the Internet users. They also provided a place to share and watch our favorite movie clips like youtube which I personally consider one of the best places to hang out with your friends by watching videos. Blogger is also powered by Google and presently, this is the best free blogging platform today that you can easily use and immediately start to blog. I am so thankful for all these creation of Google, I always enjoy surfing the Internet everyday.