November 11, 2011

Processor and Fan Noise Problems on PC

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Did you hear some noise problems on your PC lately? You might have suspected that it was a processor and fan noise coming inside your computer unit. This is a common problem and reason of most computer users to be worried about their computer's hardware components.

These are the possible reasons of your processor and fan noise problems.

1. Stacked Wire - there are lots of tiny wires inside the motherboard of your computer. These tiny wires are sometimes relocated due to relocation of the entire computer unit. In this case, you have to open your system casing (metal rectangular shape covering the entire computer parts) and carefully check the small wires if they are properly installed in their respective locations. This might be the cause of your processor and fan noise problems on PC.

2. Dirty Fan - dust particles mostly accumulate in your fan as well as the processor. To avoid some noise problems and possible overheating of the central processing unit, you need to clean the dusts accumulated in some parts of the fan. However, it I don't personally recommend to dis-assemble the fan and the processor just to clean it. You can purchase a vacuum machine intended for cleaning dusts accumulated inside the computer unit.

3. Loose Attachments - this is another common reason of noise problems in the fan and processor of your PC. Loose attachment or installation of the fan or processor could even cause overheating and eventually failure of the hardware parts. You have to carefully double check if the fan is tightly attached to the processor by opening your computer unit and checking the fan.

There are still many other reasons of noisy hardware parts of your computer system but the above mentioned are just the common possible reasons. It is very important to respond and repair your computer system if you hear some strange noise particularly on the computer processor and fan.