November 11, 2011

Is Drinking Too Much Water Harmful to Health?

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It is actually beneficial to health to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water is also the universal solvent which are the primary needs of our body to make every system work properly. However, some people also ask if drinking too much water could be harmful to health, is it really true?

I am not actually a medicine professional  or even a therapist. I just want to share my personal experience regarding drinking too much water. When I was suffering from diarrhea, I used to drink more than 8 glasses a day and it is really a very effective therapy because I was losing a large amount of water every time I release my stools. Water really helped my digestive function goes back to its normal rhythm.

I think that drinking too much water won't give any harmful effects to the health. This is because in my own opinion, the water we drink circulates in our body as its minerals and beneficial nutrients are absorbed. The excess water is the urine released by our body, which means that the more we drink this fluid the more we release water. That is why I don't think that drinking too much water could be harmful to the body's health.